Dated : Apr 14, 2022

It's been years since I've uploaded any article to this website (due to some personal reasons). If anyone is reading this (i hope) especially my old readers, if any, I've decided to shut down this website. I'll update this article in few days in a proper way detailing about the same.


Now probably this is not the first article that you are reading about on How to free up space on your device,  
There are tons of other articles available on the internet for the same, Now for all you folks who are reading this Article I assure you that by the end of this article you will be able to free up GBs of data from your device.

There was a time when we all use computers and laptops for our every work like storing data, Watching movies, listening songs or for doing any other work but with the time we all started 
relying on Smartphones and now most of us use their smartphones as their primary device for doing almost every kind of work.

One of the major problems that we face with smartphones is 
that they tend to fill quickly with storages.
No matter how much storage you get on your internals or how Efficiently you use your smartphone, And as soon as the phone gets out of storage it starts showing lagging, App Crashing, Non-responsive Touches and many other Signs. 

So here in this article, I will share with you some of the epic ways to clean out the junk from your phone without losing any of your Important data. 

Cloud Storage - Although there are many cloud storage platforms are available on the internet like Microsoft Onedrive, Dropbox, iDrive But I will suggest you to go with Google photos because despite being free it offers Some great premium features, 
like Unlimited Storage and Collaboration but today we are more to focus on some of its tricks by which you can free up couples 
of GBs on your phone and which also helps you in backing up Unlimited photos on the Google photos App.

In order to free up space in your device you need to back up 
your photos first or if you have already backed up your photos then you can skip to the Second part.

First part : Backing up photos -

Open Google Photos app > Tap on Hamburger menu > Settings > Tap on Backup & Sync > Now enable the Blue toggle from the Top right corner.

Now to backup Unlimited photos in Google photos app you need to follow same instructions as above but after tapping on
Backup & Sync > Tap on Upload 
Size > and then tap on High Quality.

*You can also go with Original but it will be deducted from your quota.

Second part : Free up Space -

Open Google Photos app > Tap on Hamburger menu > Select Free up Space > After that 
it will open a pop-up menu and then Tap on Free Up.

Now for the Indian viewers who use Jio as a primary sim card, can use Jiocloud and can get up to 50GB of cloud storage for free.

Cache Memory - One of the easiest way to clear space from 
your phone is clearing out the Cache memory. 
Have you ever noticed, That when you use an app for the first time then your phone takes some time to open that app completely And as you start using that app more often then your phone starts
opening that particular app more quickly that is what we call 
as cache memory.

The only main function of the cache memory is to speed up the loading time of an app and provide you the results faster. So there is nothing wrong in deleting the cache memory from your phone.

Now follow the Steps to delete cache memory - 

For deleting the Cache memory of a particular app Go to  
Settings > Apps > Choose an app > Storage >  Tap on Clear cache.

For deleting the cache memory of all apps simultaneously.
Go to Settings > Storage & USB > Tap on Internal storage > now Tap on Cached data and choose Ok.

Trash cleaner - Every smartphone have some inbuilt features
which helps in removing junk and useless files which collects over the time, like I have a Lenovo smartphone which comes with a inbuilt trash cleaner and its amazing. I'll show you screenshots in a bit.

With the Android 8.0(Oreo) you no longer need any external application for removing the trash from your phone, There is a inbuilt option for helping you to clear out the useless files, files like Duplicate photos, Uninstalled residue and apps that you no longer use.

From the above image you can see that i get around 17GB of data just by deleting the Trash.

For using Oreos inbuilt features to free up space -
Go to Settings > Select Storage & USB > Now tap on Free up Space > Then choose item that you want to Delete > Now tap on Free up.

But if in case Your phone doesn't comes with any inbuilt trash cleaner or your phone have the older versions of Android (older than oreo) then you can download files go an app by Google which helps you to manage your storage and clean out the junk from your device.

Thumbnails -
Now Thumbnail is not the common way that you can find in any other article to help you in clearing out space. Now first let me 
tell you what Thumbnail actually is, 

Have you ever noticed that there is a file in your file manager with .thumbnail extension that is what Thumbnail is. 
The only use of the Thumbnail file is to quickly load images of your gallery. Thumbnail files provides you the preview of images that are present in your gallery. And trust me it is one of the instant way to clear couple of GBs from your phone.

Now the sad part about thumbnail is that whenever you open the gallery the system starts creating them again and after few days or months it will fill-up your storage again. But this feature comes to a handy when you have no space in your phone. 

You can delete them in every Two or Three months for avoiding your phone to run out of storage. And it's completely safe to delete.
And you can see from the above image that i got around 15GB 
of Space just after deleting the .thumbnail file.

To delete the .Thumbnail files just follow these simple Steps- 
Go to File manager > Search for .Thumbnail 
file > Now open the .Thumbnail folder > And Delete the Top two files.

Before deleting those files be sure that the files must have the extension of .Thumbnail. 

App Data - Every smartphone have apps and without them, smartphones have no functionality. We all have apps in our smartphones some are useful while others are useless and there are many useless apps which are taking a lot of Storage of your device, App data is a primary part of an app as it contains all of its files, Settings, Accounts and databases which simply means that when you delete the app data of an app then all of its files and activities will be deleted permanently.

For Instance, Suppose you have deleted the app data of the Youtube then you will lose all videos that you have downloaded on the app and you'll also lose the sign-in data. 
Same thing goes for all other applications.

Now in this last segment, we will help you to delete the app data of useless apps without losing any of your important data. So without wasting any more time let's get started.

Step 1 :  Find out the apps that you no longer use, for doing that.
Go to > Settings > Apps > Now choose an app that you don't use.

Step 2 : Now click on that app and then Tap on Storage > Clear data > and then on Ok.

You can further repeat these steps, Based on how many apps you want to get rid of.

So these are some of my Best picks for helping you in saving the Storage, Do comment down which one is your favourite among all and if you have any queries, just ask them below. Thank You.

Smartphones are getting better and better with the time and 
now they are getting closer to the future, I mean just look at the
Oppo Find X. Now Smartphone companies are working hard and producing some great smartphones with some great features.
And when it comes to Today's Smartphones everything is changed The camera, The screen, The
Design, The processors, They all are become more powerful 
than ever before.

But one thing that is been the same from the very first Android smartphone HTC Dream is they all using Lithium-ion 
Batteries in their Smartphones till today. And I think it should 
be changed too because those battery suckers like AMOLED Screen, Heavy apps and games, Bigger screen sizes did 
affect the battery.

For now it's impossible to change the battery type of Smartphones, Maybe we can see it in near future. But one thing that
We can do right off to save our phones Batteries is follow these 7 tips that helped me to use my phone a Hour extra than the
Normal day. 

1.Turn Off Notifications - Whichever device you have, You get tons of Notifications 
throughout the day, Some are useful while others are useless. 
And it directly affects your battery, So if you want to save your battery just turn Off the Notifications of less 
Useful apps.
On Android -
Go to settings >Apps >Choose your desired app >Notifications > Block all.
On iOS -
Settings > Notifications > Choose your app > Disable  "Allow Notifications".

2.Use Dark Wallpapers - Using Dark
Wallpapers in your phone which not only gives your phone 
a classic look but it also helps you in saving your device Battery. 
Smartphones companies are now providing better Screens 
(AMOLED, LCD) on their phones Using colorful Wallpapers 
in your phone can suck your Battery more, Especially when 
your phone have a AMOLED display. 
And if you use Live Wallpapers in your phone then it affects 
even more.

3.Disable Location - Does location affects your battery ??
Yes. A big yes
Some apps always have the permission to track your location, It means your phone have to constantly refresh your device location to provide you the Accurate results,

So it's obvious that it directly affects
Your phones Battery. Now to save your phones battery just
Turn it off. 
To do that you have to manually Disable the location from each app that are accessing it.
On Android - 
Go to settings >Apps >Choose your apps manually > Permissions > Disable "Your location".
On iOS -
Go to Settings > privacy > Location Services > Choose the app > Tap on "Never" or "While 
Using" as per your Need.

4.Turn off Useless Hardware Radios - Now Smartphones companies are offering many features in their phones to give their customers The best possible 
Experience by which they don't have to rely on other things. 

Features like GPS, NFC, Bluetooth, Mobile data and Wi-Fi they 
all are pretty handy and Useful features which makes a phone a Complete package 
But on the other hand they have their Own disadvantage too, No one is using Them all the time. So whenever You are not using them Just turn Them Off.
If you keep them opened they do drain your phones Battery.

5.Playing with Apps - There are many Unnecessary apps that are lying in everyone's phones, 
The only Thing you have to do is just Take your time and Uninstall all those Useless apps because they are
also responsible for reducing your Phones Battery, Some of 
them even use your phones data in the Background.

This is the Another tip, After Uninstalling the
Unnecessary apps now update your all apps or the most useful ones, They may be more bigger in size but they are more optimized to save your battery. 
App developers bring newer versions of apps because they are More better, Less buggy and more
optimized for the battery.

6.Keep an eye on what's draining the battery - Keep an eye on the apps that are draining your phone's battery. There are many apps as well as phone features that reduce 
the battery. For knowing it 
Go to Settings > Power Manager > Power Consumption Details.
Now after that you can see what sucking your battery the most and then you can also take action for that by disabling or Uninstalling
the app.

7.Use Airplane mode - Airplane mode is also a good feature for your phone to save your
Device battery. When to Use it 
If your phone is not getting proper Signal strength then this is the right time to enable it on

And if you don't pay attention to it Then it can affect your battery in the long run because when the Signal is poor your phone will work hard to bring it back (which is not good).

B O N U S   T I P
7.Use Lite Versions - If you don't have a good processor in 
your phone you might have faced Hang issues in your phone, It's not your processors fault Maybe the apps you are using are 
not that compatible with your phone or the apps are too Heavy 
in size.

Now companies like Facebook, Google, Skype have launched 
the Liter versions of their Apps. So you can also check them out they are way too Smaller in size And they are pretty much the 
same in terms of work like the normal apps and  they are better for your Phones battery.

Over to You
Tell me the Comments which one works best for you. Also share it with your friends.

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Youtube is always considered as one of the best platform 
for watching any kind of videos (Except Some).
And if you are a freebie like me who don't want to spent bucks on apps like Netflix and Amazon prime video then Youtube is probably the only best entertainment source 
for your boredom. 

Youtube is upgrading continuously and with new features like Night mode and Time watched it's getting more amazing 
and user friendly.

But the thing that Youtube seriously lacks in and people hates it about that in youtube you can not watch videos in background.
And for many people it is really annoying, Because not all 
videos are for watching purposes like Music, News, Podcasts.

So for that here is a Quick solution that helps you to play videos 
in background. 
All you have to do is follow the Steps carefully and this Trick 
works for both platforms I.e. Android and iOs.

Step 1 Download the Chrome or Mozilla firefox browser on 
your device.

Step 2 Now after downloading the browser, Open it and go to 

Step 3 Open the video that you want to play 
in the background, 
Now click on the Three Dot button from the top right corner after it just tap on Desktop site.
Make sure that it looks like Desktop site not the Stretched one.

After it, It looks something like this.

Step 4  Now play the video and minimize the browser, And open the Notification bar by sliding down on The screen. Here you 
have your video now tap on play.

Troubleshooting - 
Before moving to the points make sure that you are using Chrome or firefox browser in your device (Android, iOs). Make sure that you have tapped on Desktop site right after opening the 
video. Read Step3 for more Details. 

If you have blocked your browser from sending you notifications, Make sure to Unblock it. Here are the steps - 
For Android 
Go to Settings and then click on Apps and now search for Chrome or Mozilla whichever you have, And now tap on Notifications
and then unblock it.

For ios 
Open the settings app and then tap on Notifications, Now select the Browser from the given apps. And after it you will find 
a option "Allow Notification" now just turn it On (if disabled).

If you guys have any queries and suggestions do post in the Comment Section. 

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Creating content for your blog is easy but managing it 
Is a way more difficult task. 
Especially when you are all alone, You have to perform many different things to run your blog continuously, Like finding New 
topics, Collecting information, Writing it, 
Socialising it, Connecting with other fellow bloggers, Managing the site and a lot lot more.

And I think, at whatever level you are, You have to perform all these things it doesn't really matter that you're a Beginner or a Pro at it. And doing all these things are kinda distracting Sometimes,
Because not everyone is good at everything (Marketing, Writing, Presenting).

Now if you are on the way to become a Successful Blogger,
you need some tools that will make your blogging super easy. 
So here in this article I will share some of the best blogging 
tools that will help you to grow and work faster without losing the quality of your Content.
Now let's dive into the Article.

1.Hubspot blog topic generator -  As a Blogger you have to give perfection in every thing and one of them is Titles, Title plays
a great role for your success, It doesn't matter how awesome your content is, The first thing that a visitor see is the Title of your post. And if it's not a catchy one, You'll 
end up losing the visitor.

And here comes the Hubspot blog topic generator which is not only a great tool to make a perfect title but also helps you to save a lot of time. All You have to do is,
Go to Hubspot blog topic generator and enter your keyword and press Enter. That's all 
Now choose any of the Desired title
Alternatives - Tweakbiz, PotentC

2.Quora - Quora is one of the best website for Bloggers. Because it helps you to get knowledge about everything, On quora you can search questions and answers related to your niche.
And the best part I like about Quora is, You can get thousands of visitors to your site just by providing your articles link in the answers. 

Quora also helps you in finding new topics for your upcoming blog posts, you can filter the Search option and can easily find great ideas for your posts. So if you are on the way to find people of your interest, I definitely recommend you to check out the quora.
You'll definitely love it.

3.Pexels - A blogger have to legally think before posting anything on the website, Just from a small mistake they can even get copyright issues on their content which can then lead them in problems. Searching images for your blog posts can sometimes be really frustrating and annoying,
You will have to be careful while choosing images for your posts.
Now Pexels is the site where you can find thousands of free images, That you can freely use on your website without any worries, They all have a creative common license.


And the best part I like about Pexels is all images have been categorized ( Technology, Nature, Sports, Food)
You can find mostly any type of images in it just by Searching or from the Categories.
Alternatives - kaboompics, Picjumbo

4.Headline Analyzer - When it comes to analyzing the headline or title, Headline analyzer always proves to be the 
Best. Because it helps you to know that how good your Title is, How Eye-catching it is, How well it can perform.
It also provides you the complete data about your title like How long it should be, Which words to use, Does it have power to stand out and much more.

The only thing you have to do is Enter your title in the Headline analyzer and hit the Analyze now Button. 
If your Title doesn't get good ratings you can then alter your title from the tips they have Provided.
Headline Analyzer 

5.Pocket - Writing is not the only thing in blogging you have to read other people blogs too, 
And you must have a knowledge about what works and what not in your niche.
And the more you read the better you write, reading is a must thing for every Blogger.

Pocket is yet another great tool for bloggers
Because as you know not every person is a full time blogger and not everyone have a Sufficient time to read other blogs, 
So Pocket helps you in doing this, It saves any of the article from the web and whenever you have the free time you can then read it peacefully. 
Even without the Internet connection. 

6.Canva - Canva does not need any introduction, Everybody knows about it. But still its necessary to keep it in 
the list without it the list is Incomplete.
For those who don't now what canva is, Canva is the best industry leading social media graphic designing tool which offers you some
Of the great features Which you can't find anywhere else.

You can create any type of graphic for your Social media accounts like
Facebook cover pic, twitter post, Blog banner, Youtube thumbnail, pinterest graphics and much more.
It have thousands of prebuilt templates and a powerful Editor which both helps you in making a perfect piece of art.
And the Best part about it, It's free. 
Alternatives - Snappa, Stencil

7.EMV tool - EVM stands for Emotional Marketing value, And this tool just simply check the EVM score of your Headline or title.
Remember, The more you able to touch the Emotion of your audience the more clicks you get on the post and it also helps you in Improving the performance of your posts on the Social media platforms.
And if your website offer some products or services then this is a must tools for you. 

8.Evernote - Many people start blogging as a part time, because no one have a born Passion about it. 
It is also difficult to run a blog consistently, Because many have jobs or have a busy schedule This not only ends up here you also have to write and update your blog on
a regular basis.
And if you travel a lot it's even more difficult for you. 

So here comes the Evernote which helps you to write on any device (windows, Mac, Android, ios) and with evernote you can post from anywhere from any device to your
site. You can also post on Wordpress sites with this. And the best thing about Evernote is, It's simple and powerful.
This post is also written in Evernote. 
Alternatives - Google docs

9.Todoist - When you have many things to do and you don't know what to do, 
No I am not trying to be funnier here.
Then todoist is probably the best tool for you because it helps you in managing your Tasks and TODOs.

It's made for everyone and for every work, It doesn't depend whether you are a Blogger, a Student or any other person. And if you're a blogger you can use it for works
Like When your post will go live, and when to write your next Blog post, when to find new topics etc.
It works in every case. - Every blogger is familiar with Google keyword planner because it is one of the best tool to find keywords, Now is the new best alternative Of the keyword planner and it's also free.

In just few clicks it offers hundreds of keywords, Even more than the google keyword planner.
And if you want to rank higher in the search results you have to wisely choose the exact Keywords and for that you need a great tool and probably is the tool
Of your need.

11.Grammarly -  Perfection in writing is the impossible thing for everyone, Because nobody is perfect.
And when we talk about writing, Even the big and experienced authors also do mistakes.
It maybe a mistake in words, It maybe a mistake in spellings or in any other thing. 

And if are a Boss in your office or you are Some kind of a professional person then you have to be careful before posting anything like Notice, Memos, Formal-letters. 
So for that thing, Grammarly can be a great deal for you because it corrects your 
spelling mistakes, Grammar and punctuation. All you have to do is Download Grammarly on your Device. And start writing.

Blogger is one of the oldest platform for blogging, and many people still use it for their 
blogging journey.
It's a great platform to start with but as you get more and more familiar with it, you'll find some issues in it. And one of the 
issues which I have found in blogger is the Bad Image Quality, When you upload any image in your post, Blogger will automatically reduce the quality of it, 
Which not only looks terrible but also gives a negative impression on your Audience.

And there is no such way to directly fix it. And we all know how much time it takes to make thumbnail for each of the post. 
I have also read some of the other articles on how to improve Image quality in blogger and in most of them they just disable some features of the google plus to Stop your image from ruining by the google. But now, As you know google plus is 
Shutting down so there is no such way to disable those buttons in the future. Now to tackle this issue you have to manually add some code for your image in the HTML editor of your post, But don't 
worry I'm with you in every steps.
So just follow the below steps to get the best quality out of 
your Image.
Step 1. Go to and from here click on new post or just edit the old one, and then upload your desired image that you want to show in your post.

Step 2. And now insert your image wherever you want to show in the post (middle, top, Bottom).
Now do a right click on the image and copy the link address of it.

Step 3. After copying the link, Now remove that image from your post. And now pick the nearest word where you want to set that image, and keep that word in mind or just copy it.

Step 4. Now tap on HTML and do a empty click in the code. From there tap on ctrl + f on your keyboard, and search for that word.

After finding the word paste this Code near of that word, after 
a closing tag.

<img src="Your Image link" width="" height="" />

Now in the place of Your image link paste the link of your image that you have copied before, And in the Width, Height  column you can try the below sizes.

Height = 180 to 300
Width  = 320 to 380  

Note, These are just the sizes of the most common images, you can also try out any size you want, It's all up to you. And before 

previewing them don't forget to save them each time you change the size. Make sure to enter them in between the ( " " )

So that's all for Today!! If you have any queries or suggestions regards this, feel free to comment down below.

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After the facebook data Breach, Now google is also on the headlines. 
On Monday, Google announced to shut down it's google+ for the consumers.
Over 5,00,000+ google plus users data is been Compromised due to a bug. 
The company will remove google plus in 10 months of time
period, Nearly on August 2019.

What's the issue
A bug was found in the google plus which allow  third-party Developers to access the
private data of users since 2015. However, Google found and fixed the bug in march 2018.
Nearly around 5,00,000 accounts have been effected from this. 
The data Includes their names, photos, location, occupation, gender.
However, After a analysis run by google they Said,
"We found no evidence that any developer was aware of this bug or abusing the API, and 
we found no evidence that any profile data was misused".

Why they chose to Close it
The reason is Simple, The google plus was made with the purpose of interacting users together and helping them in connecting with the world just like the Social media
But due to the lack of active users on google+ they chose to Close it for the Consumers.  
How to download your Data, Google will later provide you the details
On how you can download your google plus data safely.
What Next
Although the company is only closing the google plus Consumer version, The enterprise version will remain open. The Company said, from now they'll continue to focus
on the enterprise version and will launch new features built for the Businesses and the company claimed that it will be more better.

So That's all for today.
Tell me in the Comments what do you think about this.