Blogger is one of the oldest platform for blogging, and many people still use it for their 
blogging journey.
It's a great platform to start with but as you get more and more familiar with it, you'll find some issues in it. And one of the 
issues which I have found in blogger is the Bad Image Quality, When you upload any image in your post, Blogger will automatically reduce the quality of it, 
Which not only looks terrible but also gives a negative impression on your Audience.

And there is no such way to directly fix it. And we all know how much time it takes to make thumbnail for each of the post. 
I have also read some of the other articles on how to improve Image quality in blogger and in most of them they just disable some features of the google plus to Stop your image from ruining by the google. But now, As you know google plus is 
Shutting down so there is no such way to disable those buttons in the future. Now to tackle this issue you have to manually add some code for your image in the HTML editor of your post, But don't 
worry I'm with you in every steps.
So just follow the below steps to get the best quality out of 
your Image.
Step 1. Go to and from here click on new post or just edit the old one, and then upload your desired image that you want to show in your post.

Step 2. And now insert your image wherever you want to show in the post (middle, top, Bottom).
Now do a right click on the image and copy the link address of it.

Step 3. After copying the link, Now remove that image from your post. And now pick the nearest word where you want to set that image, and keep that word in mind or just copy it.

Step 4. Now tap on HTML and do a empty click in the code. From there tap on ctrl + f on your keyboard, and search for that word.

After finding the word paste this Code near of that word, after 
a closing tag.

<img src="Your Image link" width="" height="" />

Now in the place of Your image link paste the link of your image that you have copied before, And in the Width, Height  column you can try the below sizes.

Height = 180 to 300
Width  = 320 to 380  

Note, These are just the sizes of the most common images, you can also try out any size you want, It's all up to you. And before 

previewing them don't forget to save them each time you change the size. Make sure to enter them in between the ( " " )

So that's all for Today!! If you have any queries or suggestions regards this, feel free to comment down below.

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After the facebook data Breach, Now google is also on the headlines. 
On Monday, Google announced to shut down it's google+ for the consumers.
Over 5,00,000+ google plus users data is been Compromised due to a bug. 
The company will remove google plus in 10 months of time
period, Nearly on August 2019.

What's the issue
A bug was found in the google plus which allow  third-party Developers to access the
private data of users since 2015. However, Google found and fixed the bug in march 2018.
Nearly around 5,00,000 accounts have been effected from this. 
The data Includes their names, photos, location, occupation, gender.
However, After a analysis run by google they Said,
"We found no evidence that any developer was aware of this bug or abusing the API, and 
we found no evidence that any profile data was misused".

Why they chose to Close it
The reason is Simple, The google plus was made with the purpose of interacting users together and helping them in connecting with the world just like the Social media
But due to the lack of active users on google+ they chose to Close it for the Consumers.  
How to download your Data, Google will later provide you the details
On how you can download your google plus data safely.
What Next
Although the company is only closing the google plus Consumer version, The enterprise version will remain open. The Company said, from now they'll continue to focus
on the enterprise version and will launch new features built for the Businesses and the company claimed that it will be more better.

So That's all for today.
Tell me in the Comments what do you think about this. 

As the Technology is upgrading Constantly, The laptops are getting more and more powerful and getting smarter like our Smartphones. Many big brands are now producing great laptops at greater prices but they still lacks in some features.
One of them is Touch-Screen functionality, There are many laptops out there that 
supports Touch-Screen but they aren't comes under the Budget Segment. 
And why would any of us, Will Upgrade our laptops just only because of  Touch-Screen.

So here comes the AirBar which turns any of the regular laptops into a fully functional Touch-screen one. The AirBar is the perfect example of Innovation and Creativity, 
In no time this small device can Turn any normal laptops into a Touch screen laptop. You
don't need any softwares to use it , 
Just plug and play.
Now I know many of you guys are not a great fan of Touch-Screen but Sometimes It helps a lot like when you are scrolling in
long pages, Zooming in photos, Drawing something on screen or any other thing.
Now let's talk about Some of it's key Features-

  • USB Plug & Play - The only thing you have to do, Is plugging the AirBar to the USB connector of your laptop.
  • Scroll, Swipe, Pinch, Zoom - After connecting the AirBar, Do whatever you want to do with your laptop Swipe, Pinch, Scroll, Zoom anything that you can imagine.
  • Sizes -  Whatever the size of your laptop is, It doesn't really matter because, It works with  every laptop. It comes with three Sizes 13.3", 14", 15.6". 
How it Works 
After Connecting with the laptop, The airbar spreads a Invisible light onto your Screen and when you touch the screen, The light detects the area where you have touched the Screen and then it sends the Signal to the airbar which then commands to the Laptop.

Back in 2016 it only works with Windows laptops, But from the last year the Airbar was officially available for Mac Book users too. The touch is so smooth that you won't feel any
lags and issues and make sure to use
it with Windows 10 and it even works with windows 7 and 8
But windows 10 is Recommended for better and precise Touch. You can even Use your screen while wearing gloves, it's beyond
the normal Touch Screen.
Now let's talk about the price, The price of Airbar for windows starts from 74$ and goes upto 150$,
And for the Macbook it costs you around 190$.
Indian pricing, The indian pricing of airbar is between ₹(9000-12000).
Note -
The above prices may not be fully accurate, There may be a slight Difference.
Before purchasing it, Be make Sure that you must have a USB slot on the right side of your laptop. Here's the Amazon Link -
That's all for today!! I Hope you like it, If you have any questions don't forget to share them Below.