Youtube is always considered as one of the best platform 
for watching any kind of videos (Except Some).
And if you are a freebie like me who don't want to spent bucks on apps like Netflix and Amazon prime video then Youtube is probably the only best entertainment source 
for your boredom. 

Youtube is upgrading continuously and with new features like Night mode and Time watched it's getting more amazing 
and user friendly.

But the thing that Youtube seriously lacks in and people hates it about that in youtube you can not watch videos in background.
And for many people it is really annoying, Because not all 
videos are for watching purposes like Music, News, Podcasts.

So for that here is a Quick solution that helps you to play videos 
in background. 
All you have to do is follow the Steps carefully and this Trick 
works for both platforms I.e. Android and iOs.

Step 1 Download the Chrome or Mozilla firefox browser on 
your device.

Step 2 Now after downloading the browser, Open it and go to 

Step 3 Open the video that you want to play 
in the background, 
Now click on the Three Dot button from the top right corner after it just tap on Desktop site.
Make sure that it looks like Desktop site not the Stretched one.

After it, It looks something like this.

Step 4  Now play the video and minimize the browser, And open the Notification bar by sliding down on The screen. Here you 
have your video now tap on play.

Troubleshooting - 
Before moving to the points make sure that you are using Chrome or firefox browser in your device (Android, iOs). Make sure that you have tapped on Desktop site right after opening the 
video. Read Step3 for more Details. 

If you have blocked your browser from sending you notifications, Make sure to Unblock it. Here are the steps - 
For Android 
Go to Settings and then click on Apps and now search for Chrome or Mozilla whichever you have, And now tap on Notifications
and then unblock it.

For ios 
Open the settings app and then tap on Notifications, Now select the Browser from the given apps. And after it you will find 
a option "Allow Notification" now just turn it On (if disabled).

If you guys have any queries and suggestions do post in the Comment Section. 

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Creating content for your blog is easy but managing it 
Is a way more difficult task. 
Especially when you are all alone, You have to perform many different things to run your blog continuously, Like finding New 
topics, Collecting information, Writing it, 
Socialising it, Connecting with other fellow bloggers, Managing the site and a lot lot more.

And I think, at whatever level you are, You have to perform all these things it doesn't really matter that you're a Beginner or a Pro at it. And doing all these things are kinda distracting Sometimes,
Because not everyone is good at everything (Marketing, Writing, Presenting).

Now if you are on the way to become a Successful Blogger,
you need some tools that will make your blogging super easy. 
So here in this article I will share some of the best blogging 
tools that will help you to grow and work faster without losing the quality of your Content.
Now let's dive into the Article.

1.Hubspot blog topic generator -  As a Blogger you have to give perfection in every thing and one of them is Titles, Title plays
a great role for your success, It doesn't matter how awesome your content is, The first thing that a visitor see is the Title of your post. And if it's not a catchy one, You'll 
end up losing the visitor.

And here comes the Hubspot blog topic generator which is not only a great tool to make a perfect title but also helps you to save a lot of time. All You have to do is,
Go to Hubspot blog topic generator and enter your keyword and press Enter. That's all 
Now choose any of the Desired title
Alternatives - Tweakbiz, PotentC

2.Quora - Quora is one of the best website for Bloggers. Because it helps you to get knowledge about everything, On quora you can search questions and answers related to your niche.
And the best part I like about Quora is, You can get thousands of visitors to your site just by providing your articles link in the answers. 

Quora also helps you in finding new topics for your upcoming blog posts, you can filter the Search option and can easily find great ideas for your posts. So if you are on the way to find people of your interest, I definitely recommend you to check out the quora.
You'll definitely love it.

3.Pexels - A blogger have to legally think before posting anything on the website, Just from a small mistake they can even get copyright issues on their content which can then lead them in problems. Searching images for your blog posts can sometimes be really frustrating and annoying,
You will have to be careful while choosing images for your posts.
Now Pexels is the site where you can find thousands of free images, That you can freely use on your website without any worries, They all have a creative common license.


And the best part I like about Pexels is all images have been categorized ( Technology, Nature, Sports, Food)
You can find mostly any type of images in it just by Searching or from the Categories.
Alternatives - kaboompics, Picjumbo

4.Headline Analyzer - When it comes to analyzing the headline or title, Headline analyzer always proves to be the 
Best. Because it helps you to know that how good your Title is, How Eye-catching it is, How well it can perform.
It also provides you the complete data about your title like How long it should be, Which words to use, Does it have power to stand out and much more.

The only thing you have to do is Enter your title in the Headline analyzer and hit the Analyze now Button. 
If your Title doesn't get good ratings you can then alter your title from the tips they have Provided.
Headline Analyzer 

5.Pocket - Writing is not the only thing in blogging you have to read other people blogs too, 
And you must have a knowledge about what works and what not in your niche.
And the more you read the better you write, reading is a must thing for every Blogger.

Pocket is yet another great tool for bloggers
Because as you know not every person is a full time blogger and not everyone have a Sufficient time to read other blogs, 
So Pocket helps you in doing this, It saves any of the article from the web and whenever you have the free time you can then read it peacefully. 
Even without the Internet connection. 

6.Canva - Canva does not need any introduction, Everybody knows about it. But still its necessary to keep it in 
the list without it the list is Incomplete.
For those who don't now what canva is, Canva is the best industry leading social media graphic designing tool which offers you some
Of the great features Which you can't find anywhere else.

You can create any type of graphic for your Social media accounts like
Facebook cover pic, twitter post, Blog banner, Youtube thumbnail, pinterest graphics and much more.
It have thousands of prebuilt templates and a powerful Editor which both helps you in making a perfect piece of art.
And the Best part about it, It's free. 
Alternatives - Snappa, Stencil

7.EMV tool - EVM stands for Emotional Marketing value, And this tool just simply check the EVM score of your Headline or title.
Remember, The more you able to touch the Emotion of your audience the more clicks you get on the post and it also helps you in Improving the performance of your posts on the Social media platforms.
And if your website offer some products or services then this is a must tools for you. 

8.Evernote - Many people start blogging as a part time, because no one have a born Passion about it. 
It is also difficult to run a blog consistently, Because many have jobs or have a busy schedule This not only ends up here you also have to write and update your blog on
a regular basis.
And if you travel a lot it's even more difficult for you. 

So here comes the Evernote which helps you to write on any device (windows, Mac, Android, ios) and with evernote you can post from anywhere from any device to your
site. You can also post on Wordpress sites with this. And the best thing about Evernote is, It's simple and powerful.
This post is also written in Evernote. 
Alternatives - Google docs

9.Todoist - When you have many things to do and you don't know what to do, 
No I am not trying to be funnier here.
Then todoist is probably the best tool for you because it helps you in managing your Tasks and TODOs.

It's made for everyone and for every work, It doesn't depend whether you are a Blogger, a Student or any other person. And if you're a blogger you can use it for works
Like When your post will go live, and when to write your next Blog post, when to find new topics etc.
It works in every case. - Every blogger is familiar with Google keyword planner because it is one of the best tool to find keywords, Now is the new best alternative Of the keyword planner and it's also free.

In just few clicks it offers hundreds of keywords, Even more than the google keyword planner.
And if you want to rank higher in the search results you have to wisely choose the exact Keywords and for that you need a great tool and probably is the tool
Of your need.

11.Grammarly -  Perfection in writing is the impossible thing for everyone, Because nobody is perfect.
And when we talk about writing, Even the big and experienced authors also do mistakes.
It maybe a mistake in words, It maybe a mistake in spellings or in any other thing. 

And if are a Boss in your office or you are Some kind of a professional person then you have to be careful before posting anything like Notice, Memos, Formal-letters. 
So for that thing, Grammarly can be a great deal for you because it corrects your 
spelling mistakes, Grammar and punctuation. All you have to do is Download Grammarly on your Device. And start writing.