How to play Youtube videos in Background

Youtube is always considered as one of the best platform 
for watching any kind of videos (Except Some).
And if you are a freebie like me who don't want to spent bucks on apps like Netflix and Amazon prime video then Youtube is probably the only best entertainment source 
for your boredom. 

Youtube is upgrading continuously and with new features like Night mode and Time watched it's getting more amazing 
and user friendly.

But the thing that Youtube seriously lacks in and people hates it about that in youtube you can not watch videos in background.
And for many people it is really annoying, Because not all 
videos are for watching purposes like Music, News, Podcasts.

So for that here is a Quick solution that helps you to play videos 
in background. 
All you have to do is follow the Steps carefully and this Trick 
works for both platforms I.e. Android and iOs.

Step 1 Download the Chrome or Mozilla firefox browser on 
your device.

Step 2 Now after downloading the browser, Open it and go to 

Step 3 Open the video that you want to play 
in the background, 
Now click on the Three Dot button from the top right corner after it just tap on Desktop site.
Make sure that it looks like Desktop site not the Stretched one.

After it, It looks something like this.

Step 4  Now play the video and minimize the browser, And open the Notification bar by sliding down on The screen. Here you 
have your video now tap on play.

Troubleshooting - 
Before moving to the points make sure that you are using Chrome or firefox browser in your device (Android, iOs). Make sure that you have tapped on Desktop site right after opening the 
video. Read Step3 for more Details. 

If you have blocked your browser from sending you notifications, Make sure to Unblock it. Here are the steps - 
For Android 
Go to Settings and then click on Apps and now search for Chrome or Mozilla whichever you have, And now tap on Notifications
and then unblock it.

For ios 
Open the settings app and then tap on Notifications, Now select the Browser from the given apps. And after it you will find 
a option "Allow Notification" now just turn it On (if disabled).

If you guys have any queries and suggestions do post in the Comment Section. 

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